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The list below shows examples of vehicles and the associated pitch fees at our car boot sale. All pitches at Rusper Car Boot Sale are set out along the length of your vehicle, providing ample room.

PLEASE NOTE - Pitch fees cover only the vehicle, persons and goods contained within the vehicle upon arrival.
No 'drop offs' of extra goods or persons are permitted prior to 11.00am.
Additional helpers are welcome to join you from 11.00am.
Please ensure when planning your visit that all persons and goods you require to set up your stall are with in your vehicle upon arrival at our Car Boot Sale.



Car, MPV and 4x4 Pitch Fee at The Rusper Sussex Car Boot Sale
Standard Car Pitches are £12.00 (Sell along the length of vehicle)

Trailers are vehile pitch + £3
A Small Trailer is an additional £6.00

Trailers from £3 - £10
A Large Trailer is an additional £10.00

A Gazebo is an additional £10.00

We do allow small Gazebos. However you must advise the marshal that you intend to use one.
If you erect a Gazebo without telling a marshal you will be asked to take it down.
In almost all cases sellers using a gazebo will only be permitted to use it at either end of their vehicle pitch, NOT infront of their pitch as this restricts aisle access.

The use of a Gazebo will therefore incur the cost of the extra pitch space it occupies.

for private non-trade sellers
Trade Sellers - Please Click Here

All vans are welcome at our sales

A standard pitch for a small van is £15.00
= Car pitch + 25% extra room
If you require or occupy more room you will be additionally charged

Pitch price for a short wheel base transit
A standard pitch for a Short Wheel Base Transit Size is £18.00
= Car Pitch + 50% Extra Room

If you require or occupy more room you will be additionally charged

Customers requiring or taking larger pitches will be charged as below.

Extra pitch space will be povided/charged in 1/2 pitch size demominations and charged at + 50% of a standard pitch fee.

Example - Car requiring extra space will be given a standard pitch + 1/2 a standard pitch and charged £12 + £6.00= £18.00

A DOUBLE PITCH - eg for a LUTON etc Starts at £24.00

In most cases, for most stall holders a standard pitch provides ample room to display your goods and provides room for 2 standard trestle tables.

Boot Sale Table example

PLEASE contact us if you require a price for a larger pitch area.