Car Boot Pitch Fees
About your PITCH
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About your PITCH


 Sellers pitches at the surrey car boot sale

Please be prepared to pay for your pitch upon arrival.

Your pitch fee covers only - Your vehicle and the persons and the contents contained within it upon your arrival.

We no longer permit multiple drop offs to individual pitches (only vehicles paying for a pitch may enter the stall holders area)

Additional Helpers may join you after 11.30am


Please email us if you need to make special arrangements. We are happy to help!



 The Rusper Car Boot sale is pleased to provide generous sized 'standard rate' pitches that run along the side of your vehicle. In the unlikely event that you require more room then please speak to the parking marshal. All parking for stall holders is located on the two field areas.

Car Boot Sale Pitch

Getting to your pitch

The marshal on the gate will direct you to the field where the parking marshal will escort you and help you position yourself on your pitch.

Setting out your Car Boot Stall

Please ensure that you do not encroach on other stall holder's areas with your goods. It is impossible for us to give you more room once stalls are around you, so please tell a marshal if you think you'll need a larger pitch area when you arrive. Remember the pitch area is the length of your vehicle and a couple of foot each side.

Please make sure that you stall out on the same side as the other stall holders in your area! The stall holders areas can fill up rather quickly at our car boot sale so please empty your goods onto your tables or ground sheets and not around your vehicle whilst unloading as this makes it difficult to park up other stall holders vehicles. 


We strongly advise stall holders at any car boot sale to only unpack valuable items once their stall is fully set up and they feel in full control of customers. In addition never bring unnecessary valuables to a car boot sale and make sure your takings are kept in a safe place throughout the day.

Responsibility for your goods

Please note that we have strict policies on certain items and will not tolerate them being sold at our car boot sale. We employ an undercover security officer at our car boot sale to help ensure that these items are not on offer to the public. 

Paying for your pitch

A marshal (wearing a Yellow Hi-Viz with the words 'Bootsale Marshal') will collect the pitch upon your arrival. You will be given a numbered raffle ticket that boths acts as a receipt and includes you in our FREE stall holders raffle. 

Departing your pitch

There is no rush to vacate your pitch we are happy to let stall holders pack up in there own time. In fact if you need a hand there's usually a friendly marshal about who'd be glad to assist.

If you need to get away early please ask a marshal for assistance, if necessary.

Please ensure that you have left no items behind. We have a strict policy on not accepting rubbish or unwanted items and kindly request that your pitch area is left clean - this includes cigarette butts if you are a smoker.

Disposal of car boot sale waste.

The land owner would like us to inform you that the leaving of waste or unwanted items in his fields is regarded as 'fly-tipping' and is strictly illegal. Your pitch fee does not entitle you in any way, shape or form, to deposit illegal waste.


Anybody not wishing to take unwanted car boot items home with them can speak to the volunteers from the Shelter Charity (on site every Sunday with a collection van) or visit the Household recycling facility at Hop Oast round about on the edge of Horsham on the A24. It is only a couple of miles from the car boot sale and is open until 7pm throughout the spring and summer months. Staff on this site will direct you how to best recycle your items.


It's also worth noting that traditionally car boot sellers have left unwanted items outside the doors of charity shops. In almost all cases this is also now regarded as 'fly-tipping'. Please check with your choosen charity shop as to when and what items they are able to accept.

Click here for the location of the HWRC Amenity Tip on the A24
You may also take unwanted items to the Shelter Charity Van that is operating in the hardstanding area opostite the stall holders field exit.