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Be aware
There is a rise in petty crime at large markets and car boot sales, in particular the following crimes are becoming common place.

1. Petty Theft from Stalls

2. Presentation of Fake Bank Notes

3. Theft from vehicles

To ensure you do not become a victim of these activities

Ensure valuable goods for sale are in a place where you can watch them at all times.

Check all bank notes carefully at the time you are given them, do not be shy, check them thoroughly and if you are not convinced they are genuine then DO NOT accept them.

Put all valuables, such as handbags etc, in a place inside your vehicle where they can not be seen. AT ALL TIMES keep the doors and windows that are away from you LOCKED. Check regularly that the doors are still locked.

If any time you suspect there is suspicious activity please report it to a member of the event management.

Please follow these simple guidelines to ensure a great day of selling.

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