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Just because you have a 'sign written' vehicle we won't assume you are a trade seller. These vehicles are welcome.

Rusper car boot sales policy on Trade Sellers reflects our desire to provide a tradtional style car boot sale where second-hand goods are bought and sold. We feel that too many car boot sales have 'crossed-over' to becoming market type events.

We do understand that a small amount of interesting and
convenient trade stalls adds an extra dimension to our sales and gives our customers a wider variety of choice and shopping experience.

In order to maintain a genuine car boot sale experience we do monitor and limit the number and type of trade stalls that attend our sales. To deter an increase in 'non car boot stalls' we have set up different tariffs for trade vendors.

Who do we consider to be traders?

If you are selling bulk new goods, shop type stock (new or old), trades, services or non-traditional car boot goods then we will almost certainly consider you to be a trade seller.
As our sellers set up their stalls before a pitch fee is taken, it is easy for our experienced marshals to determine wether your goods are deemed to be TRADE.

What happens if you deem me to be a trade seller?

As long as your goods are legitimate and do not fall within our 'banned items' list and you are not selling Food/Beverages then you will be allowed to remain at that sale.
You will however be charged a NON-BOOTSALE TRADE TARIFF for your pitch.

TRADE STALL FEES are DOUBLE normal selling fees.

Standard Car Pitch £10.00
Standard Small Van Pitch £12.50 - TRADE PITCH £25.00
Standard Large Van Pitch £15-£20 - TRADE PITCH £30.00-£40.00

email us in advance with your details (reg, vehicle type and basic goods description) and we'll send you a trade permit.
This will get you a 20% discount and allow you Early Entry from 8am into our sale grounds.

What if you disagree with our decision?

Our staff will examine your goods and discuss your circumstances before coming to a decision but please be aware that thier decision is the final say on the matter.

Please remember that choosing to bring Trade Goods to our sales will result in Trade Pitch Fees being applied.

What if I just have a few new unused items I want to sell?

We are not looking to penalize genuine car boot sellers, you have nothing to worry about.
Our concern is with the moderation of blatant trade stalls such as those more suited to a market.
We have an excellent understanding of the type and balance of goods we would expect to see on genuine stall holders pitches.

If you have any concerns, questions or wish to take advantage of our TRADE PERMIT simply drop us an email at ruspercarbootsale@hotmail.co.uk