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Car Boot Sale treasure

Everybody has heard the stories about the valuable item that turned up at a car boot sale and was snapped up for a few pence. The buyer gets a smug review in the local papers and everyone thinks 'Wow, you lucky so and so!'
Boot Sale Finds

Nobody ever thinks about the poor sod who sold it for a few pence! So here is a quick run down on how to avoid being that poor sod!



What's it worth



Millions of things are sold on ebay every year, so it's a great source of current market prices for countless items. Simply Log onto www.ebay.co.uk and see if anything similar has sold in the 'completed items' list. This will give you an idea of the market value.

No luck? (Perhaps it’s even more valuable than you thought!)


Here's something most people don't know. You can use the websites of most major auction houses to research your items in their past online sales catalogues.


Search online auction results


www.invaluable.com is a truly brilliant tool! If you’re just looking up a couple of items it’s ideal and free! Just register and search away! This site collects the sales results from countless auction houses up and down the country!

 No Luck? (It’s time to think about getting off your bum!)

 Local auction houses valuers are the best people to speak to.
Their advice is free and impartial.

You may need to book an appointment or perhaps email a picture of your item to them for a prelimanary valuation.

 Be sure to ask if they have sold a similar item and ask what it actually sold for. Remember auction house estimates are usually low to encourage buyers to bid, so an estimate may not reflect your items true value, always try and get a post sale price that was achieved.

Denhams, close to the Sussex Surrey Border at Warnham, have proved to be very helpful in previous valuations and I have achieved some really great results in their sales room.

Car Boot Sale - Not mine! I knew better!

Follow these tips and next time you see 'some lucky so and so' in the newspaper showing off thier treasure it could be you!



I would strongly suggest not calling a local dealer. It's easy to be persuaded by the flash of a handful of tenners to part with something that may be worth a trunk full of fifty pound notes! Some dealers are honest and some sadly are not. It's always best to to do some research and get impartial advice first! When you've got a real idea of an items value then you can decide where and how to sell it.

Good luck and we hope to see you and your treasures at the Rusper Car Boot!